Have you been looking for a classroom economy that was more than just a workbook with worksheets to copy and pass out? Have you been looking for a system that combines both grade book software with a banking platform to seamlessly combine your responsibility of maintaining attendance and grades, while also teaching your students for a future of managing money and planning for their future? Well, look no further.

Classonomics currently utilizes Microsoft Excel to provide every piece of grade book and banking functionality you could ever need to provide your students with a sound understanding of the dangers of credit card debt, buying a home, investing for a future through retirement investments, and much more. Through Classonomics, you will be on the cutting edge of not only imparting the content knowledge of your specific subject, but also enriching their lives with an understanding of the world that far too many students leave high schools without.

Future implantation of this program will move on a true online banking environment that allows students to handle most of their “banking” needs through an app that makes participating in the system even more engaging, educational, and fun. Join me in the journey now and be an instrumental part in the development of the features you need and want to see in a system that both teaches students content knowledge vital to passing state standardized testing, and prepares them for a future of managing money that helps them avoid the pitfalls of debt so many of us did not know how to avoid at this stage in our own journey through life.

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Why Classonomics?

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